What’s included:

  • Welcome & implementation video + tech support for implementation
  • Homepage design & copy framework
  • About page design & copy framework
  • Sustainability page design & copy framework
  • Contact page design & copy framework
  • Shop Main design & copy
  • Shop Itemized design & copy
  • FAQ design & copy


Not interested in Diy-ing your site?

The Bamboo Shoot

We'll help you customize your template in as little as 3 days!

We know you’re busy and your time is valuable, let us do the heavy lifting! With our Bamboo Shoot sprint, we’ll get you growing those roots and shoots in as little as 3 days almost as fast as our bamboo friends growing at 0.00003 km an hour! You can choose between web design only, web copy only, or the design and copy bundle.

  1. Purchase a template  (you should come with your branding ready for us to implement).
  2. Book your dates, sign your contract, and pay the deposit.  
  3. Check your email to schedule our first kick-off call.